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We know you may have questions about estate planning scenarios and we’ve got the solutions. Find the answers to the questions most frequently asked by our clients. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact our office, and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to find the answers you need.


What is an estate planning foundation?

An estate planning foundation is what we call the five necessary documents that every adult should have, regardless of age: a Last Will & Testament, a Durable Power of Attorney, a Medical Power of Attorney, a Living Will, and a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Authorization and Release. Each component of your estate planning foundation will give you peace of mind knowing your wishes will be honored, as well as comfort your family members who know exactly the wishes to follow.

How do I handle long-term care?

How you should handle long-term care depends on many factors, such as: your stage of life, your assets and income, and your life expectancy. Seamon Law Offices will help you evaluate these factors to determine the best plan for you that also meets your goals. We will do everything we can to help you in crisis situations, but early planning means more options and more control.

Is it too late to plan?

On the way to the nursing home is a difficult time to realize someone needs an estate plan. Waiting that long can sometimes hinder your goals, but it is never too late to call Seamon Law Offices. Even during a crisis, we are here to help with Medicaid or other estate planning. We devote personalized and individualized attention to each of our clients in need.

What are my benefits as a veteran?

Seamon Law Offices works with the Veterans' Improved Pension (a.k.a Non-Service Connected Disability Pension or Aid & Attendance). To qualify, a wartime veteran, spouse, or widow must be experiencing significant regular unreimbursed medical expenses in comparison to his or her monthly income, and assets must be within a VA recommended limit. These stipulations can be difficult to navigate, but our office helps clients determine eligibility.

What is a revocable living trust?

While different types of trusts serve different purposes, a revocable living trust is probably the most widely used. As an initial trustee, the grantor (creator of the trust) maintains management of all assets and chooses a successor trustee to easily assume management of assets when the grantor becomes incapacitated or passes away. Seamon Law Offices guides clients in funding trusts, so when someone passes away, the successor trustee will have everything in place, avoiding the public and time-consuming probate process.

How much does a consultation cost?

Seamon Law Offices offers a complimentary one-hour consultation to discuss general estate planning. This consultation includes a review of your personal estate with Attorney Doreen Seamon. Prior to the consultation, we will send you an estate planning worksheet which addresses your goals, your financial situation, and your health. In order to maximize your meeting time, you should complete this worksheet as definitively as possible because that will be the basis of the review. Consultations for specialized concerns such as probate and Medicaid crises require our hourly fee.

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