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Life is full of surprises.

At Seamon Law Offices, we understand that life is full of surprises. We are here to help you take a proactive approach to life’s many adventures. We focus on estate planning because we know the importance of early preparation. Although many of our clients are senior citizens, or loved ones acting on their behalf, planning for your future and protecting your assets doesn’t have an age requirement. Don’t wait for life to happen. Be ready when it does.

Every consultation is specialized to fit the needs of each client. For us to best understand your estate planning needs and goals, please fill out our checkup form. Estate Planning Checkup ▸

Stay informed with our Client Care Plan.

People often turn to our office for help in making legal decisions in times of crisis or major lifestyle changes, such as marriage, divorce, adoption, or death. While these things don’t happen every day, it is important to update your estate plan as soon as they do. Also, since laws are subject to change, your documents need to be periodically reviewed and updated. That’s why we encourage you to become a member of our Client Care Plan. Through our Client Care Plan, you can have more interaction with Seamon Law Offices, and we can legally guide you through some of your biggest life events.

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