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“Going to Greece has been a dream for us, but the thought of leaving town unprepared felt like a nightmare.” — Joe and Linda Bennett

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Joe and Linda Bennett came to Seamon Law Offices at the recommendation of a trusted friend who had also worked with Doreen. When the Bennetts decided to take an overseas trip of a lifetime, they knew that they needed to have their affairs in order as a precaution.

“Going to Greece has been a dream for us, but the thought of leaving town unprepared felt like a nightmare. We were dreading the thought of having to go through the process especially since we didn’t know what all it entailed. On top of that was the fact we were trying to get it done so quickly.”

Services Provided
  • Pre-Crisis Planning
  • Pre-Crisis Planning

The Bennetts needed a revocable trust as part of their pre-crisis planning. Their son, who is an attorney in Ohio, attended a meeting at the encouragement of Doreen. “Our son was very impressed with Doreen and her staff. So much so that he wanted Doreen to help him with his estate!”

Joe and Linda also wanted to be sure that their son would not have to worry about trying to figure out their estate if something happened to them. Now that they know just how unprepared they actually were prior to planning with Doreen, the Bennetts stated they wished they had planned earlier in life.

“We had cared for our son his whole life and certainly didn’t want to drop the ball at the five yard line. Working with Doreen has truly opened our eyes to just what we would have gone through had we not come in.”

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