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“Peace of mind is real for us now. We would certainly do it all over again but much sooner.” — Joe and Elly Summers

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Joe and Elly Summers have lived in Morgantown for many years. Joe is a veteran, and spent more than 25 years as a financial aid counselor for West Virginia University. He and Elly have two children, and wanted to ensure that they would leave a legacy for them.

“It’s a scary thing to not have your affairs in order. Not just for yourself, but for the sake of your kids. We wanted to make sure that all our hard work over the years could be passed on to our kids.”

Services Provided
  • Pre-Crisis Planning
  • Probate Avoidance Estate Plan

The Summerses came to Seamon Law Offices with a goal to protect their assets for the benefit of their kids, and also to ensure their financially secure future. Their estate plan included a revocable trust for most assets, and an irrevocable trust to protect their real estate investments.

“We both came from a very modest financial background and didn’t think that we had that many assets worth protecting. When we started the process, we discovered that we had much more than we thought. Doreen, Mike, and Madisen were great. We had many questions that we didn’t have answers for, but they were great about helping us understand everything.”

Joe and Elly were concerned about passing on some of their savings, but they also wanted to be able to enjoy spending some of it. “We had spent most of our lives saving, but we wanted to have some fun at this stage in life. Mike did an amazing job with the financial planning and placement.” Their estate plan was set up to allow for both, and ensured their goals could be accomplished.

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