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Want to be part of a great team? Review the opening below for the Client Intake Specialist/Office Administration position. Please send inquiries and resumes to Lorilyn@SeamonLawOffices.com for consideration.

Client Intake Specialist/Office Administrator

Email resume and inquiries to Lorilyn@SeamonLawOffices.com


  • Good communication skills (telephone, email)
  • Professional appearance
  • Proficient in basic Microsoft applications (Word, Excel)
  • Prioritization skills
  • Likes to learn new things
  • Takes initiative
  • Common sense
  • Likes to work as part of a team


  • Familiar with Apple products (Office uses iMacs and iPad)
  • Familiar with Clio and Lexicata software
  • Writing skills
  • Marketing/Social Media skills
  • Management Skills
  • Experience in law office and/or estate planning

Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

General Office Duties

  • Maintain Office Organization and Cleanliness
  • Assist with updating and coordinating Google calendar
  • Send/Receive Mail
  • Keep record of every phone call, letter, conference, etc. in client database
    • Organize according to company needs
    • Update accordingly with new client information
  • Perform any necessary business tasks: make copies, scan, etc.
  • Greet clients as needed in a friendly, professional manner
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Make reminder calls for upcoming appointments

Intake Specialist Duties

  • As calls come in for 1st appointments, send out intake packets to prospective clients.
  • Include: intake, directions, self-addressed, stamped envelope or send via e-mail
  • Ensure all client contact information properly entered in Lexicata
    • Move clients along the intake pipeline
    • Review Intake Sent/Intake Received category once a week and move Unretained consultations from that week to Unretained at Consult once a wee
    • Send Unretained email/Letter to clients in Unretained at Consult category once per month
  • Answer all incoming phone calls and take necessary action.
    • Handle basic calls regarding scheduled/scheduling appointments and gather enough information to transfer to the appropriate team member for all other calls. Enter name and contact information of caller into Lexicata.
    • Forward other calls to appropriate team members.

Opening New Cases

  • When a Client retains, scan all documents
  • Start online file
  • Export matter from Lexicata to Clio and update Clio Record
  • Assign appropriate task lists based on case
  • Assist with creation of Client Summary as directed by the Legal Assistant

Closing Cases

  • When a case is completed, make sure all documents are scanned
  • Organize & move file to closed cases
  • Update client database accordingly
  • Review and update summary sheet

Assist with Client Care Plan (as requested)

  • Help the Office Manager maintain the Client Care Plan spreadsheet
  • Upload information to ClioConnect and share with client
  • Complete Legal Directives and EDirectives Enrollment
  • Generate expiration letters
  • Assist with generating 3 month funding review worksheets

Special Mailings

  • Mail cards directly as needed to clients for the following:
    • Sympathy
      • Update client database and file to indicate DOD
    • Get Well
  • Work with Office Manager to send Thanksgiving cards annually
  • Update and maintain Address spreadsheet throughout the year

Pay Range: $11-$12/hour

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